BBC Weather forecasts ‘widespread gales’ of up to 60mph across UK

BBC Weather: UK set for strong winds and dry conditions

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Parts of Britain are to be hit by “widespread gales”, a meteorologist has predicted, through Friday and into Saturday. BBC Weather presenter Matt Taylor warned the UK “could see winds top 60mph” in parts of Scotland, while western England into Wales and Northern Ireland will be particularly affected on Saturday. Mr Taylor reported that, otherwise, it will be a “drier” few days than the start of this week, though there are “plenty of showers” expected to hit parts of northern Scotland. 

Mr Taylor said: “We are in between weather systems today, which is good news if you are fed up with getting wet on your journey to and from work because more of you will be drier today. 

“There is still some wet weather, though it is not completely dry, as I show you that the wetter areas are in parts of western Scotland. 

“Plenty of showers at the moment. They will merge into some longer spells of rain pushing towards the Grampians through the day. Some higher showers towards the north and west of Northern Ireland.

“And there are one or two through parts of Wales, western England, and through the English Channel. They will continue throughout the day. 

“But actually, most of you will spend the day dry, with some good long spells of sunshine. A windy day in northwest Scotland, though. Could see winds top 60 miles per hour in the gust. 

“Lighter winds in the south. It will feel milder than the past few days with a bit more sunshine, too. 

“Temperatures around 10 to 14 degrees for the vast majority. So, a fine day for most of you. Still, some showers in the northern half of Scotland into the evening. 

“And through tonight, while clear skies will continue across some eastern and southern areas, the cloud increases to the west, the breeze picks up, and temperatures lift after an initial dip. 

“But, a cooler start to tomorrow morning across some eastern areas. Temperatures down into lower single figures. 

“But the weather charts will show there is more rain on the way for some. These weather fronts here are slowly pushing in but bringing in milder air with it as well. 

“So, for Saturday, if you want the sunshine it is in eastern areas, to begin with, turning breezier and cloudier through the day here. 

“Breaks of rain coming and going in Northern Ireland, around some western parts of England and Wales, and into Scotland through the day. Some heavier bursts later on. 

“Quite a windy day tomorrow, particularly in the west, with some widespread gales, but even in the east, it will feel that bit milder, too.” 


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Looking towards Sunday and next week, variable cloud is expected to leave parts of the UK struggling with intermittent rain. 

But outbreaks of rain will clear from the south-eastern quarter on Sunday to leave it mostly dry with sunny spells, although showers are possible in the west. 

Monday will be mainly dry with sunny spells but there will be some clouds and patches of mist will linger. A few showers are possible too. 


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