BBC weather warning: ‘Torrential’ thunder wall to slam UK before weekend ‘wind switch’

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning from the north of Scotland right down to the south of Lincolnshire. BBC meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker said the UK is “expecting downpours with some thunderstorms as well – mostly across northern and eastern areas of the UK. The south coast of England, for example, should have mostly fine weather.


“Very mild early morning temperatures in some areas – already around 15 or 16 Celsius even in the north.

“Low pressure crosses the UK on Thursday – a weather front too and that’s going to spark off some of those thunderstorms.

“But if you’re wondering about Wimbledon the weather’s looking dry.

“So the south of the country is expected to be bright and warm at 24 or 25 Celsius.

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“These showers will continue into the evening hours – some of them will be very heavy.

“Torrential there in eastern Scotland and the borders, down into northeast England as well.

“Thursday night into Friday that low pressure pulls away.

“And it looks as though things will start to dry out.

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“There is high pressure there ready to build for the weekend.

“On Friday, still one or two showers – possibly some thundery ones across eastern areas of the UK.

“As we head into the weekend there is going to be a switch in the wind direction.

“The wind will come from the north, pushing the warm, humid air back into France.

“Highs of maybe 18 in Newcastle and maybe 24 still in the south.

“And then, into Sunday, still pleasantly warm with sunny spells right across the UK.”

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