BBC Weather warns ‘severe force gales’ to slam into UK as wall of rain heads for north

Weather: BBC forecasts windy conditions for fireworks night

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BBC Weather meteorologist Matt Taylor said strong winds will slowly develop across the north, with the breeze potentially turning into “severe gales” through the weekend. Mr Taylor said dry conditions will persist on Friday, with few showers and widespread sunshine for most. The forecaster said: “Bit chilly out there for some but this weekend things turn a little bit milder than they have in the past few days.

“Not greatly so but if you have any plans for the outdoors, expect a bit of rain at the time.

“Particularly windy, especially for the northern half of the UK, this is where we’ll see gales and in the far north of Scotland even severe gales possible for a time.

“But that cold air we’ve had for the past few days not quite gone just yet. We’ve got temperatures in the north and west around 7C to 9C, much much colder across England.

“England is coldest at the moment, we saw temperatures overnight down to around -5 in Benson.

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“Coldest night of the night so far. There will be some sunshine around this morning across a good part of England.”

Mr Taylor noted temperatures will turn milder at the weekend compared to earlier in the week but the breeze will likely impact the temperature perception.

He continued: “Bit chilly out there for some but this weekend things turn a little bit milder than they have in the past few days.

“Low cloud in the north and west, still a few showers in Cornwall and Devon, far southwest Wales, rain across the west and north of Scotland. Nothing too substantial.

Met Office weather say to expect a slightly warmer day

And we do have thicker cloud which will spread its way southwards across the country, bringing the odd showers.

“But many will be dry. Staying fairly cool in the south but temperatures elsewhere a little bit on yesterday.

“Into this evening, most still dry, a few showers possible if you’re off to any displays but it turns wetter overnight across the north and west of Scotland.

“Some very heavy rain by the end of the night and the breeze will start to freshen.”

The BBC Weather meteorologist added: “But it does mean tonight it won’t be anywhere near as cold as it has been.

“As we go into Saturday, this area of rain is going to make its way southwards. Bit of sunshine on either side of it.

“Sunday a little bit brighter.

“But Saturday night into Sunday, it is looking particularly windy, we could see winds touch gale if not severe gale force for the northern half of the UK.”

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