Bill Clinton and Obama’s former White House lawyer ‘supported Epstein at hearing’, witnesses claim

A FORMER Clinton White House lawyer showed up at Jeffrey Epstein's court appearance last summer allegedly to support him after he was charged for sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, a new reports claims.

Kathryn Ruemmler is said to have been present at the pedophile's July 2019 hearing a week after he was found passed with marks on his neck inside his New York City jail cell.

Two witnesses told the Daily Beast that Ruemmler was at Epstein's court appearance, one of whom said it was "probably just a show of support."

Two people who separately attended the hearing said the lawyer – who served as White House counsel during the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations – had a "professional" relationship with the sicko and sat behind his defense team, according to The Daily Beast.

At the time, Ruemmler was a partner at Latham & Watkins and also served as global chair of the law firm's white-collar defense and investigations practice.

A source with knowledge of her appearance told the news outlet: "Epstein knew her."

“He had a professional relationship with her. I think he may have reached out to her to be involved in the case.”

The source noted that Ruemmler "worked for a large, prominent firm" and said there was "exploration" of her joining Epstein's defense team, but "it wasn't going to happen."

A Lantham & Watkins spokesperson told the Daily Beast neither she nor the law firm represented Epstein.

Neither Ruemmler nor spokespersons for Clinton or Obama responded to requests for comment from The Sun.

During her time with the Clinton administration, Ruemmlerdefended the White House in "independent counsel issues", including those related to former Pentagon employee Linda Trip, according to the Washington Post.

But her connection to the Clintons continued long after they left the White House.

Reuters identified her as "the Clinton Foundation's principal lawyer" in an August 2016 article about the organization hiring a security firm following a suspected hacking.

It's unclear how long she represented the Clinton family charity or other work she's done for them.

Ruemmler's ties to Epstein have prompted questioned about the financier's high-powered connections, including Bill Clinton.

Bombshell documents from Ghislaine Maxwell’s 2016 deposition that were made public last month detailed information about the former president's alleged time flying on Epstein's planes.

Maxwell was asked about Clinton's time on the "Lolita Express" and whether the two were friends, to which she replied: "I wouldn't be able to characterize it like that, no.”

In a deposition that was unsealed in July, Virginia Roberts Giuffre testified that she saw Clinton on Little St James Island.

She said: “I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me a favor.”

“He never told me what favors they were. I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke.”

Clinton has denied visiting this island and denied knowing anything about Epstein’s abuse of young women and girls.  He has not been accused of any wrongdoing in association with Epstein’s crimes. 

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