Blind dog with dementia buried alive in maggot-infested mud for five days

A blind dog with dementia was abandoned and spent days buried alive in mud.

Beni, thought to be between 15 and 20 years old, was finally rescued yesterday by kind-hearted members of the public.

Footage shows the dog covered in mud as he's hauled out the ground in Zapresic, Croatia.

The rescuers can then be seen cleaning the pooch’s fur before Beni eats from a bowl and goes for a stroll wearing a brown coat.

Udruga Sapica Animal Association wrote on social media: "A dog which until a year ago slept in a house as the best friend of its family, ended up outside in the yard when a baby came.

"At a time when he needs the most care because he is already blind and suffering from dementia, he is thrown in a yard from where he wandered and fell in mud which he could not get out of.

"The mud hardened around him and this creature was buried alive for five days."

Until Thursday's rescue, many members of the public walked past and ignored the dog, local media reports.

But the kind animal association also shaved off all of Beni’s fur to remove maggots and clean wounds.

The association said the dog’s female owner, whose identity has not been disclosed, was found and she gave ownership of the pooch to the association and agreed to pay its veterinary costs.

It is not clear whether the owner was reported for neglecting the animal.

But many social media users shared their fury.

"What kind of rubbish do you have to be to do such thing," one person wrote.

"Thanks for helping it," another added.

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