Bomb threats at US Ivy League universities force evacuations

New York: Multiple elite Ivy League universities in the US have been targeted with bomb threats.

Columbia University in New York City and Cornell University have ordered sections of their campuses evacuated.

Cornell told students and others to avoid its central campus area and law school. The school is located in Ithaca, New York.

Columbia University in New York City. Credit:Bloomberg

A student newspaper at Columbia University in Manhattan reported evacuations had been ordered of multiple buildings. There were reports on Twitter of threats of explosives being placed on campus and threats against any law enforcement presence.

Brown University, in Rhode Island, another Ivy League school reportedly announced a bomb threat.

Yale University was the subject of a bomb threat on Friday.

Eight so-called “Ivy League” universities in the US are considered among the most elite and prestigious in the nation. Others include Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania.

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