Boy, 13, killed by dad after he found pictures of him eating poo in underwear

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A dad accused of killing his son in a rage after the boy discovered a series of bizarre series of photos of him, has been found guilty of murder.

Mark Redwine, from Colorado, was alleged to have lost control after his son came across photos of him wearing a bra and eating faeces out of a nappy.

Prosecutor Fred Johnson told the court that Dylan had been unnerved by the images he found, triggering a final outburst from Redwine.

He said: "A damaged relationship, exposed with compromising photographs, photographs in the hands of a 13-year-old who is disgusted by it, which triggered a violent rage in the defendant."

There were gasps in the courtroom when the jury returned a unanimous verdict on Friday, July 17. The 59-year-old now faces up to 48 years in prison for the murder conviction and is expected to be sentenced on October 8.

Dylan vanished in November 2012 and Redwine was arrested four years ago but the trial has been postponed trial has been delayed or seen mistrials multiple times over the past nine years.

Much of the evidence put before the court was circumstantial, as Dylan's remains had been dug up and scattered around the area by scavengers.

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Prosecutor Michael Dougherty told the court that Dylan’s blood was found inside Redwine’s home, and he also brought experts in to explain that cadaver dogs detected the scent of human remains inside the house.

He added that Redwine had been "suspicious and evasive in the weeks, months and years that followed his son’s disappearance".

The Colorado court heard Dylan hadn't wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his dad but was forced to make a court-ordered visit resulting from his parents' divorce.

Summing up, Judge Jeffrey Wilson said: "This has been an extremely difficult case for everybody involved. It has been difficult for the parties, for the attorneys, for their staff, and difficult for the families and the entire community.

"This case has taken a lot of resources from the entire state as well as La Plata County. The planning to get this case to go as well as it did was extensive."

He added: "Emotions are running very high from both sides, however, this is a court of law. I expect everyone in this courtroom to behave appropriately."

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