Bradley Cooper spotted on new girlfriend Huma Abedin's birthday

Smiling Bradley Cooper shows off his tan in a tank top as ‘matchmaker’ Anna Wintour is spotted at his apartment just before ‘girlfriend’ Huma Abedin’s birthday

  • Movie star Bradley Cooper stoked the rumors of reported girlfriend Huma Abedin this week in New York City, hosting a party on her birthday
  • Cooper’s mother was spotted arriving at the intimate gathering as he lounged in tank tops 
  • Abedin and Cooper weren’t seen together but are reportedly dating after being set up by Vogue editor Anna Wintour 
  • Abedin, a former top aide for Hillary Clinton, was married to disgraced politican Anthony Weiner from 2010-2016

Bradley Cooper was spotted with Vogue editor Anna Wintour at his home the day before his girlfriend Huma Abedin’s birthday.

Wintour, 72, was seen at Cooper’s Manhattan apartment on Wednesday evening – the day before Huma turned 46.

Her visit was an intriguing one, as Wintour is friends with both Abedin and Cooper, and is rumored to have set them up.   

The following evening, Cooper welcomed guests including his mother Gloria Campano to his home, sparking rumors of a birthday bash for Huma.

She and Bradley have never been photographed together, although they’re rumored to have spent the previous week together in the Hamptons.  

Bradley Cooper is pictured at his Manhattan apartment on Thursday evening. His rumored girlfriend Huma Abedin turned 46 the same day, although she wasn’t spotted 

Vogue editor Anna Wintour – a mutual friend of Abedin and Cooper – was spotted leaving the address the same evening, furthering suspicion that Cooper was hosting a party for his rumored girlfriend  

Cooper was also seen outside his property on Friday, and showed off his summer body in a tank top  

The party suspiciously fell on rumored girlfriend Huma Abedin’s birthday, further fueling rumors the two are dating

Abedin is reportedly dating the Silver Linings Playbook star after her 2016 divorce from disgraced politican Anthony Weiner. Weiner was found to have sent sexual messages to minors and was sentenced to prison

Cooper lounged around in several tank tops by the brand ‘BANG!’ a Miami-based athleisure brand established in 2014. The tank tops retail for $52 each on the ‘BANG!’ website.

‘Anna definitely played matchmaker,’ one source told Page Six. ‘She’s BFFs with Bradley and adores Huma.’

The insider confirmed Bradley and Huma have been ‘quietly’ dating for months after Cooper broke up with actress Diana Argon.

Abedin used to be Hillary Clinton’s top aide and former wife of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, who she shares a 10-year-old son with. 

Abedin and Weiner married in 2010 but divorced in 2016 after Weiner sent a lewd picture while their son was sleeping in the background.

Shortly after, it was revealed Weiner had sent sexually suggestive images to a minor. He was later charged with transferring obscene material to a minor and served 15 months in prison.

The 47-year-old Cooper shares a five-year-old daughter with his Russian model Irina Shayk. 

Cooper reportedly told Wintour he was looking for ‘brains and beauty,’ which he has supposedly found in Abedin

Abedin used to be Hillary Clinton’s top aide and former wife of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, shown here, who she shares a 10-year-old son with.

Abedin and Weiner’s marriage ended in 2016 after Weiner sent a lewd picture while their son was sleeping in the background

The two reportedly arrived together at the Met Gala on May 2 and then split up for the red carpet.

Pictures showed Cooper hovering behind Abedin as she showed dazzled photographers in a bright yellow dress.

Sources said the two are ‘perfect for each other,’ as they’re both into ‘power and politics and human affairs.’

One source revealed to OK Magazine that Cooper told Wintour he is looking for three traits in a woman, and Huma has all of them.  

‘Huma has brains and beauty, and while she understands what it’s like to be in the spotlight, she doesn’t want to be a celebrity,’ the source explained.

‘On their first date, they got along better than even she could have expected!’ they continued.

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