Brit daredevil dies after smashing into rock face during 3,000 metre plunge

“We are supporting the family of a British man following his death in Canazei, Italy”

Foreign Office spokesman

Jean Andre Quemener, 32, was killed after he jumped from a 3,000-metre peak in the Italian Dolomites at Canazei, north of Venice. 

It was reported that he struck the rock after being swept up by strong winds. 

He is then understood to have fallen a great distance. 

Their driver, 22-year-old Alberto Barco, is also understood to have died. 

Bolivian police added that four other people were injured in Sunday’s crash that happened Salar de Uyuni, some 186 miles away from the capital La Paz. 

It is understood the other victims were from Argentina and the UK. 

A video posted online showed the mangled wreckage of the car – its bonnet having been greatly damaged. 

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