Britons go wild for 88p pints in European holiday hotspot

British holidaymakers staying in the Spanish coastal city of Benidorm have show TikTok users just how much lower drink prices are at the resort – with pints of beer for just 88p. The seaside resort has become one of the most popular destinations among Britons, with British tourists often outnumbering Spaniards as they flock to Spain’s eastern coast.

Dazza, who lives in Spain, posted videos of “cheap” drinks offered by Uncle Ped’s British pub on Derramador street.

The video shared by the TikTok user under the handle @Dazza_bigdogbenidorm shows the drink list on the board with coffees, teas and pints priced at €1 (88p).

He said: “Look at these prices – cheap!” as Ewan McVicar’s Tell me something good plays in the background.

By contrast, average beer costs in the UK have soared and topped £8 in one London pub. The average price of a pint has risen by more than 70 percent since the financial crisis nearly 15 years ago, from £2.30 in 2008 to £3.95, according to research by the consultancy CGA. The cheapest pint was in Lancashire and cost £1.79.

Since 2020, CGA’s figures show that the cost of an average pint has risen by more than 7 percent, with more increases expected.

Some users were green with envy seeing these relatively low prices.

Suda Sa Suda said: “Paradise on earth,” while Sean Mahon complained that “we are being ripped off in this country!!”

Ian up north, way north added: “On my way.”

RyceyTickey who said he is off to Benidorm in July said he has never been there before but is now “honestly buzzing about it.”

While some TikTok users were seemingly jealous of the “cheap” prices, others made fun of the destination which they suggested is infested with a “plague clientele.”

One user said: “Look at the clientele,” with another user adding: “Yes, but look at the customers…”

DoomBoyY2K posted: “The type of destination I avoid like the plague … Blackpool in the Sun.”

Meanwhile, Sean Lewis said: “Can’t think of anything worse. English breakfast – Sunday roast and loads of English-run bars.”

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Spain-Holiday, the search engine for holiday rental in Spain, found the Costa Blanca town of Benidorm is the most British city in Spain, with around 3,400 British permanent residents – 4.9 percent of the total population.

Britons made an estimated 16.5 million trips to Spain in 2022, making it the most popular destination for outbound tourism, according to

After a difficult 2021, the Southern European country is recovering with Brits representing one in four tourists, according to data from the Frontur and Egatur surveys released by the Spanish Statistical Office (INE).

The Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, said: “The data shows that, despite the current situation of international uncertainty, Spain maintains its competitiveness and a good pace of recovery and continues to be the favourite destination for millions of tourists.

“Furthermore, we are maintaining the Government’s commitment to attracting a ‘higher quality’ of international visitors, who will find many more reasons and experiences while they’re here to increase their spending and stay in our country.”

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