‘Brutal’ thunderstorms bringing ‘flash flooding risk’ to UK this week

Despite the last two months in the UK being subject to extreme heatwaves and periods of scorching weather, thunderstorms have plagued the nation in recent weeks.

Heavy rain has also been experienced which has the potential to cause flash flooding due to the effects the summer drought has caused.

The summer heat produced extremely dry conditions which has caused the ground to be unable to absorb the amount of rainfall it could in different weather conditions.

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The storms and heavy rain in the past two weeks has caused danger to life and properties and led the Met Office to issue alerts for thunderstorms last week.

While forecasts are showing risks of "flash flooding" this week with heavy rain expected, further weather warnings are not expected to be made at the moment, according to Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud.

However, he said the UK national weather service is "closely monitoring the situation".

"By the time we get to midweek, on Wednesday, we are expecting rainy clouds moving from southwest to a northeast direction, across southwest Britain, North Wales, up through the northern portion of England and into Scotland.

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"And then that band to gently push south and eastward during the course of a Wednesday afternoon and evening, Thursday and Friday."

According to the Netweather forecast for this week: "We could see some beneficial rains for areas of England and Wales enduring drought in the coming seven days, particularly on Monday and again Wednesday into Thursday.

"But because the rain may be heavy in places too, it may not soak into the ground given how dry it’s been and how hard the ground is."


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