Builders uncover ‘mucky mag’ from 60s titled ‘Sexy Confessions of a Barmaid’

Two builders were left blushing when they found a rare porn mag hidden away inside a loft.

Christopher Barnes and Teddy Edwards were clearing out debris in the rafters of the roof when they came across the mucky mag dating back to 1960.

They dusted it off and flicked through the erotic bedtime novel called Sexy Confessions of a Barmaid.

To their surprise, it was in good condition considering it had been up there for several decades.

Dad-of-one Chris, 36, said: "It was hidden inside the eaves.

"It's very old but in good condition as it must have been there for years. You don't see magazines like this any more."

The 62-year-old mag had a topless brunette on the front page, along as a message reading “Adults only.”

It features saucy black and white photos of a barmaid being seduced by her French teacher.

Chris added: “I’ve never seen one like this. It’s a proper storybook. No wonder Teddy was up there half an hour reading it.”

The mag was found in an old terraced house in Burnley, Lancsashire. It was written by a woman called Rene Williams.

Others mags in the series included Sexy Confessions of a Traffic Warden and Sexy Confessions of a Chambermaid.

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Assistant editor Penny Wade wrote inside: “For too long women’s views on sex have been ignored.

“This confession series, although very sexy, has women in mind.

“Why don’t you share reading with your partner? It will have a devastating effect. I know. I’ve tried it!”

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In late April, a man who was renovating his bathroom found a 60-year-old McDonald's meal in the walls of his bathroom.

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