Chemical reaction leaves 1 dead, several ill at Buffalo Wild Wings

One fast-food worker has died and several people have been hospitalized after a chemical reaction involving a cleaning agent on Thursday at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Burlington, Mass.

Firefighters say the victims were exposed to sodium hypochlorite, a powerful cleaning agent that reacts strongly to certain acids. The product is commercially known as Super 8.

“What we believed happened is a worker at Buffalo Wild Wings used a cleaning agent on the floor,” assistant fire chief Michael Patterson told reporters.

The employee complained of nausea after breathing in the fumes and stepped outside, according to Patterson. Another employee tried to clean up the substance with a squeegee but was overcome by the fumes, Patterson said. The second employee was rushed to hospital, where he later died.

Officials ordered an evacuation at the restaurant around 6 p.m., and investigators had to go into the building wearing hazmat suits.

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