Chippy worker angrily squirts ketchup and threatens to stab customers in furious row

THIS is the moment a chippy worker threatens to "shank" two women who have been having a furious argument with him.

He chases after them as they leave the chip shop and sprays them with tomato sauce before making the threat.

The irate worker holds out the sauce bottle as he shouts: "I will shank you if you try anything.

"I will shank you."

Shank is a slang term for slashing or stabbing someone, usually with a makeshift weapon.

It is unclear what exactly happened before filming starts and captures one of the women quarrelling with the man, who is still behind the counter of Mr Cod in Farnham Road, Slough.

As her pal films she shouts: “I don’t give a f**k. I’ll shove it up you’re a**e and chuck it in your mouth you little p***k!”

She then spits at the man and challenges him to a fight: “Listen p***y! Don’t be a little p*******e! Get round here now! I’m going to find my husband!”

As she leaves the incensed chip shop worker grabs the bottle of tomato ketchup and follows the pair out.

She screams and orders her mate to keep filming: “Watch now! You f*****g… Get him on camera! Get him on camera!”

The chip shop worker catches them up and starts furiously shooting tomato sauce at the female pair whilst shouting: “You f*****g b***h! You f*****g b***h!”


The two women scream in disbelief and warn: “Oh my god! Watch what happens to you! Watch what happens to you!”

The male employee continues squirting ketchup all over the women and yelling: “Are you f*****g mad? Are you f*****g mad?”

In response, the female customers tell him: “The feds are coming! The feds are coming! The police are coming!”

The three individuals continue ferociously arguing with one another.

The woman shouts at him: “It’s going to pop off now! It’s going to pop off now! It’s going to pop off now!

“Get out of my f*****g face! Get out of my face! Rudeboy get out of my face!”

The male employee approaches the pair with the bottle of tomato sauce in hand and threatens them back.

He yells: “Listen what’s going to pop off? What going to pop off? Well try! I will shank you if you try anything! I will shank you!”

The women continue shrieking: “We’re chicks! We’re chicks! So when we call man for you, you’re just going to stand there?”

To this, the chip shop worker dares them: “Well call the man then!” and the footage stops.

The Sun Online has gone to Mr Cod for comment.

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