Cops fined as ONE HUNDRED officers broke Covid rules and got their hair cut at police station

COPS have today been fined £200 after around 100 officers broke coronavirus rules and got their hair cut at a police station.

Thirty-seven officers at Bethnal Green police station in East London were today being given fixed penalty notices after breaching lockdown regulations.

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They are said to have been given £10-a-time haircuts by a local Turkish barber.

A major disciplinary probe was launched after a whistle blower informed local senior management about the haircuts.

Sun Online can reveal that 37 junior cops based at the police station are being fined under coronavirus regulations.

The officers were being handed their Fixed Penalty Notices today as the disciplinary investigation continued at the nick, the local divisional HQ for the Met’s Central East Basic Command Unit.


One source told The Sun: “A Turkish barber was going into the police station and giving haircuts for £10 a pop.

“There were around 100 officers in total but someone informed senior management about what was happening and all hell broke loose.

“There are 37 officers being fined and that is causing problems in itself because there were plenty of others who had their hair cut and got away with it.”

There were around 100 officers in total but someone informed senior management about what was happening and all hell broke loose."

Professional standards investigators are said to be analysing CCTV at the police station to try and pin down others who went into the barber’s chair, set up in the male changing room away from the eyes of senior managers.

It is understood that many of the officers were on duty at the time they had their hair cut.

Under current lockdown restrictions, hairdressers are barred from being open.


Another source defended the officers, joking : “Hair grows when you’re on the job, so why can’t it be cut while you’re on the job?

“The other side of the coin to this is that police officers need to be presentable when they are at work.

“Some officers have got so much hair that they look like they’re turning into apes.

“This was a way of being able to turn out smartly for work, misguided though it may have been.”

The haircuts investigation follows fines dished out to nine officers caught eating breakfast together in a café near their base in Greenwich, South East London.

Furious Met top brass said afterwards that it was vital police officers abide by Covid rules to maintain their authority while enforcing them.


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