Couple strapped to pole and beaten for hours over cheating allegations

A couple were tied to a pole where they were brutally beaten for hours over an alleged affair.

A woman who had been separated from her husband for five years invited a man round for tea when her ex and his brother stormed in and rushed them outside as punishment.

The public humiliation and torture was filmed at Mysuru, Karnataka, southern India on November 25 and has been widely shared online, shocking viewers.

The clip shows the man and a woman tied up against an electricity pylon in the dark as a crowd casually gathers around them for some live entertainment.

The woman can be seen trembling and unable to move as her hands are fastened by her sides.

According to reports, the couple were assaulted after being tied-up.

The couple were then reportedly left for hours, with people shouting at them as they passed.

India Today reports that the woman has three children from a failed marriage and had been living with her parents for the past few years.

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The 30-year-old's evening with a 24-year-old man from a neighbouring village was gatecrashed by her ex-husband and his brother.

Together the pair attacked the couple as they enjoyed tea before dragging them outside to a nearby electric pole where they thrashed them for several hours.

A minute-long clip of the incident shows onlooking locals standing in a circle formation around the pair and with no one rushing to their aid, despite repeated screams for help.

The woman can be seen trembling in the video and unable to move as her hands are fastened by her sides.

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According to reports, the couple were assaulted again after being tied up and hurled abuse at by people as they passed.

It was only when leaders of the village heard what was going on that they stepped in and freed the couple.

In an attempt to resolve the dispute, village chiefs arranged a meeting the following day to discuss the conflict.

Kowlande police said: “We have registered a case and our probe is underway.”

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