Cuddly cat pokes head out of owner’s jumper and cheers up the internet

A man has found his "cure" for quarantine blues during the coronavirus pandemic – and it is adorable.

Reddit user 1sasan revealed all anyone needs to cheer up is a cuddly cat.

In a clip posted on the site, his cute white and grey striped feline makes a surprise cameo appearance out of his zipped sweater.

The sleepy cat has been sleeping inside the cozy jacket before it pokes its head out to greet its owner.

It looks up and performs a stretch while half of its body is still wrapped in the clothing.

The owner couldn't help but to check on the lovely pet and give it a kiss on its head.

The cat responds by giving a high five to him.

Viewers' hearts were melted when they watched the video and couldn't agree more with the post title: "Cure to my quarantine blues".

The cat has even been nicknamed as a sweater kitty.

One wrote: "If that won’t cure the quarantine blues, I don't know what will! So cute."

"I can attest it's the best cure ever," another commented. "In my case the quarantine blues hit me so hard, I have four of them … just saying, being extra cautious with the remedy."

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  • And a third said: "I rarely comment but just seeing that genuine smile on your face made me grin ear to ear. I wish you two the best of luck."

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