Dad, 38, died of Covid after refusing to get vaccine because he ‘didn’t go out’

A dad-of-four who died from Covid said he believed he "didn't go out" enough to get the vaccine.

Antony Ayiotis died in hospital on September 17, almost a week after he had been admitted with coronavirus.

His sister Stacie, 36, told MyLondon that the tragic passing has left the family "absolutely heartbroken and devastated", and that they shocked by the speed at which the illness took him.

She said: "It all happened so quickly. Every day he was in hospital he deteriorated.

"We didn’t for one minute think he would die like that"

His sudden turn for the worse was made all the more alarming by the fact he did not have any underlying health conditions prior to catching Covid.

Reflecting on his death, his sister that it had put the benefits of the vaccine into stark perspective in the most tragic possible circumstances.

She said: "His partner was double jabbed so thankfully didn’t catch it, but he went into hospital last week on the Saturday and died the following Friday.

"He had no underlying health conditions, he didn’t smoke and he didn’t drink – but he wasn’t jabbed.

"He said he didn’t need to be because he didn’t go out.

"It makes you realise how good the vaccine must be, his partner who was double jabbed didn’t get it and he ended up dying from it."

Stacie and her family have appealed for donations on GoFundMe to put some money aside for his family and to pay for a funeral.

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She believes that while the family continues to adjust to the shock of losing him, it is important to pay their respects, and try to celebrate his life:

Stacie added: "It’s all still so raw we’re dealing with the shock and the grief.

"Obviously nobody was prepared for it, we want to give him the best send-off we can, for him and his children.

"He was very close to all his children, the three boys he had with his ex-wife, and his daughter with his current partner."

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