Delivery man has scare of his life when ‘crazy’ dog smashes through window

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A FedEx delivery man appeared to jump out of his skin when a dog crashed through a pane glass window to bark at him.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by @britneyharper859 Britney Harper shows the man making his way over the snow-covered path with a parcel.

He leaves the box by the front door and raps his knuckles against the wood, before starting to walk away.

As he passes a window, a "crazy" dog suddenly smashes through one of the panes, sending a spray of broken glass towards the FedEx man.

Understandably, he jumps back in shock while the dog barks furiously.

The FedEx driver walks away and appears to be unharmed but then slips on the snow while trying to get back to his van, only just managing to right himself by shifting his balance.

Britney wrote in the caption: "This poor FedEx man will never want to make another delivery to our house."

She also used the hashtag "crazy dog" and indicated the pooch, called Gus, was an English pointer, originally bred for hunting small game.

The video was watched more than 1 million times and while some people thought it was funny, others were outraged.

One user commented: "I don't think it's funny. An untrained aggressive dog is a risk."

A second viewer said: "As a dog owner, I am embarrassed that dog isn’t trained better than that! They should have a no-delivery list for houses like this."

Another argued: "What is this comment section? The dog got excited and broke a window it happens chill."

Someone else commented: "But do people realize accidents happen? He could have easily got overexcited and his paw hit the window in just the right way for it to break."

Britney said her dog suffered a small cut on his leg but was recovering fine after the incident.

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