Dems lose their minds over voting laws

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For Joe Biden, it’s “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole, since the Civil War.”

Good God! What insurrection or secession is he talking about? What threat to our union?!

Turns out it’s voting laws.

Sorry, Joe, that’s the very definition of hyperbole. The Democrats, who, as a pandemic safety measure, introduced universal mail-in voting without either ID or even asking for a ballot, now say that any change or restriction to that system is literally the confederates attacking Fort Sumter.

In Texas, the proposed law would set hours for early voting, require voters to request an absentee ballot and then write in their driver’s license number or other identification, and set rules for poll watchers. Rather than vote for it, Texas Democrats fled to DC and sang “We shall overcome.”

When Oregon Republicans pulled such a stunt in 2019, Vox said they were “subverting democracy.” When the Texas Democrats did it, Vice President Kamala Harris called it “as American as apple pie.”

This is a common refrain. When Democrats change the voting laws, draw the Congressional districts, restrict who can even get on the ballot (looking at you, New York Democratic Machine), or use the filibuster it’s just democracy in action. When Republicans do it, it’s apocalypse now.

These laws will pass, the Republic will stand. But as with his other overwrought warnings of doom, President Biden will prove again that he’s not to be taken seriously.

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