Devastated girl ‘cries until she vomits’ as Jet2 cancels flight after delays

Two Brits have shared their holiday nightmare ordeal which saw them stranded with hundreds of passengers – with one girl leaving reduced to "crying until she was sick".

Nyomi Loftus and Megan Sainsbury had to suffer without food or water for 11 hours after their flight home to Manchester from Palma was cancelled on Saturday (June 18).

But the pair claim there was a huge mix-up with everyone's baggage which sparked travel chaos after Jet2 missed their slot to fly at 11.25pm.

Nyomi says 70 bottles of water had to be shared among the 380 travellers before temporary accommodation arrangements were arranged, reports Manchester Evening News.

“There was a little girl sat near us in the airport who was being sick because she was crying so much,” Nyomi, from Sale, said.

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"People were just walking around trying to find out what was going on. It was left it absolute uproar – it was a bit of a disaster."

The 36-year-old added: “The worst part was that they called out the names of 30/40 passengers and told them to go to a special spot so we could go to an adult-only hotel.

“We had to pay for the hotel; families with babies were lying on the floor. The hotel ended up being a family hotel anyway – they could have gone."

The pals claim they weren't given an update until nearly 4am.

“We were told there was a mix-up with the baggage and they had miscounted," Nyomi continued.

"They had to unload it off one plane before moving it and then they lost the slot to fly as the staff needed a rest. No one could get any detail from anyone.”

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The holidaymakers said they were forced to pay for a taxi to their hotel 40 minutes away from the airport, costing them €65 (£55).

Nyomi said on Sunday (June 19): "We are currently sat on a coach heading back to the airport but we still don’t know what time the flight is or if there is even a flight confirmed.

"The first food and drink was provided at the hotel at 7.30am – eight hours after our flight was due to depart and 11 hours after we arrived at the airport.

“We are both due to start new jobs on Monday. I have been told by my new job that if I miss my start date tomorrow, I will have to join the next intake which means I will have no job for four to five weeks.”

In a statement, a spokesman for Jet2 said: “We would like to apologise once again to customers affected by this delay.

"Our teams have worked tirelessly to look after everyone, however unfortunately there was a shortage of accommodation in Majorca yesterday evening.

"We advised customers immediately via text that we would reimburse anyone that needed to book hotels separately and we have done everything we can to look after everyone. All remaining customers are being flown home this evening.”

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