Disabled man ‘wasting away’ as council blocked bank account for nearly a year

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After being blocked from his own bank account for almost a year, a man said all he wants in the world is a cheese sandwich.

David Darlington, 65, is a disabled pensioner from Crewe, and has been forced to live on a measly sum of £60 a week, despite having £16,000 of hard-earned money in his savings account, CheshireLive reports.

David's family said he had his benefits cut by Cheshire East Council when he decided to purchase a caravan following the first lockdown.

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Left with learning difficulties after falling down the stairs 23 years ago and suffering a serious brain injury, David now lives in joint supported accommodation where he requires round the clock care.

David and his sister Pat Gibson, 67, had taken the decision to purchase the £20,000 caravan, using a portion of David's private pension but Cheshire East Council reportedly flagged a safeguarding incident on his account which immediately denied him access to his money.

After follow-ups with a social worker, the family were told that it wasn't in David's best interests to spend a big portion of his pension on the caravan.

Pat said: "They were deciding what David could and couldn’t spend his money on.

“They didn’t want me to get that caravan but they didn’t have my brother crying saying ‘it’s my money why can’t I do what I want with it'.

“It’s like they don’t care that he’s my brother, not their brother. If it was part of their family they wouldn’t have treated him like this. I don’t want this happening to anyone else.”

Pat was adamant that David can not last on £60 a week and it was not good for his health as he already begun losing weight.

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"David can’t manage on that,” she said.

“No one can manage on that. No one can eat properly on that amount of money. He is losing weight, wasting away, because of it.”

Despite Cheshire East Council denying responsibility for the block on David's account, as they claimed that the Court of Protection was in charge of it, the Court of Protection had no record when contacted.

A Cheshire East Council spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we are supporting Mrs Gibson’s brother, including assistance with his finances, and that he is happy and well where he is currently living.

“The council continues to positively engage with Mrs Gibson in discussions around the management of her brother’s finances.


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