Eerie images reveal underwater cemetery built in tribute to 40 monks thrown to their death more than 400 years ago

CHILLING images have emerged of an underwater cemetery that was built in tribute to 40 monks who were thrown to their death more than 400 years ago.

The haunting necropolis lies 20 metres deep at the bottom of the ocean in Fuencaliente, on the south coast of La Palma, Spain.

Forty giant stone crosses represent each of the missionaries killed in 1570 when French pirates took control of their ship and threw them overboard.

The crosses were dropped into the sea 20 years ago to create the memorial but many tourists swimming in the area are still completely unaware of what lies below.

Freediver, Wojciech Dopierala, recently visited the underwater necropolis to capture these spooky snaps.

The 31-year-old from Gran Canaria said: "The place is very unique. It's a dive which isn't only about the marine life or underwater landscapes.

"It's about history. If we can go walking into a museum to learn something, why not dive into one as well?

"My favourite photo is the freediver kneeling at the bottom of the sea in front of the crosses," Wojciech said.

"You can almost see the sadness and grief on the diver's face, with her arms hanging helplessly by her side.

"Not praying, just sad and helpless in front of the tragedy."

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