Eerie map shows swathes of UK could be destroyed if Putin dropped nuke on London

A map has highlighted the places that would be subject to complete nuclear annihilation should Russia launch its world-ending missiles at the UK.

Russian despot Vladimir Putin hinted at an uptick in war efforts against Ukraine and promised he would use "all means necessary" in fighting against the West's "nuclear blackmail".

In the unlikely event of nuclear carnage, it would appear London is the likely stop-off for one mega missile, and it would destroy miles of land around the capital city.

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But an eerie nuclear map predictor has shown that should a nuclear warhead drop on London, a huge area of the south would be completely destroyed.

An area stretching from Brighton to Cambridge would be absolutely wiped out, with the map predicting a huge radioactive sphere surrounding the destroyed capital.

The map, released by NuclearSecrecy, provided a list of stats including the proposed dead as well as the yield of nuclear waste left over in the capital.

Using the NUKEMAP, which offers up a series of nuclear warheads to test out on capital cities across the world, people across the world can test out the destruction nuclear war would bring.

Dropping a W-78, currently the largest warhead available on the site, on London, would offer a blast radius stretching from Southgate to Beddington.

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Doing so gives an estimated fatalities rate of a staggering 872,700 and an injuries list hitting over 2million, with a suggested 2,220,990 injuries counted by the simulator.

To deal the damage seen stretching from Cambridge to Brighton, a collective mass of 100,000 kilotons would need to be dropped on the United Kingdom.

It appears the fireball radius of such a blast would stretch for miles also, as if the radiation weren't bad enough.

London would be utterly destroyed by a nuclear blast, with fireball damage and lingering radiation soon to follow after such a blast.

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