El Chapo’s sons wage cartel war as dismembered corpse dumped at police station

The drug cartel war in Mexico continues to escalate as yet another particularly grim death has been reported with a dismembered body being left next to the Municipal Police headquarters.

The emergency line in Caborca, Sonora, received a phone call from an individual reporting a dead body had been left in an alleyway at 7am.

The alleyway is known as “el de Santa Elena”, and is situated right next to the Municipal Police headquarters.

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As soon as officers arrived, they found a narco message on a white piece of paper, with a piece of human flesh placed on top of the note.

The sign was placed on top of a black garbage bag that was in plain view inside a green plastic bin.

The garbage bag was holding dismembered human remains.

There have been multiple articles published from publications such as Radar Sonora, AFN Tijuana, and Opinion Sonora, that say the narco message reads, as translated by Sol Prendido: "This message goes out to that gang of scumbags who want to rob and extort the humble and hardworking citizens here.

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"For those of you still left, and you know who you are, be ready you f*****g scumbags."

The Mexican state of Sonora has been rife with crimes such as mass murders with rival cartels targeting one another with The Caborca cartel locked in war with El Chapo's sons.

The Caborca Cartel murdered their victim and placed his remains in three different locations as they sent a grave warning to El Chapo's sons, with some of them understood to control factions of the Sinaloa cartel, which El Chapo used to run, before his arrest in 2016.


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