Emma Thompson isolates in Scotland house despite Italian citizenship

Emma Thompson left new life in Venice after just four days and flew back to isolated home in Scotland when Italy’s lockdown took hold

  • The actress moved to her Scotland home days after getting Italian citizenship 
  • She had said she felt European and  moving to Venice was her dream after Brexit
  • Emma Thompson has stayed at the Scotland house with family for the lockdown  

Emma Thompson flew to her second home in Scotland for the lockdown just four days after her and husband Greg Wise were declared citizens of Italy. 

Emma Thompson and her husband planned to live in their house in Venice after they were given Italian citizenship on February 28 instead they moved to their Scotland house on March 3 where they have stayed for the lockdown. 

The Love Actually actress had said that moving to Venice was a ‘dream she had cherished for years’ after Brexit spurred her on to leave the UK. 

Pictured: Emma Thompson (front right) and her husband (back right) registering their Italian citizenship at the municipal office in Venice in front of municipal councilor Simone Venturin (left). The two actors left Venice fours days after getting their citizenship to isolate in their holiday home in Scotland

Emma Thompson said she felt European and called the UK a ‘tiny little cloud-bolted, rainy corner of sort-of Europe, a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island’.

But the Telegraph reported that Emma Thompson left Venice to isolate with her husband, daughter and mother in their holiday home  on the banks of Loch Eck in Argyll, Scotland. 

Italy is one of Europe’s worst-hit by coronavirus that saw Venice’s surrounding towns under strict lockdown rules early in the crisis. 

Italy has 207,428 confirmed cases and 28,236 deaths after it was under one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns for almost eight weeks. 

Pictured: Venice’s empty Piazza San Marco square on 28 April 2020. Italy is one of Europe’s worst-hit countries by the coronavirus crisis with 207,428 confirmed cases and 28,236 deaths

Emma Thompson told the BBC that she was at her mother’s house in Scotland in an interview promoting a film about Extinction Rebellion where she responded to criticism for flying to London for the environmental protests. 

She accepted being called a hypocrite and said she would fly cleanly if she could. 

Speaking about her connection to the holiday home she said: I’ve played on its banks, picnicked on its beaches, swum in its chilly, unsalted depths, cycled round it, drunk it, got drunk near it, kissed in boats on it, got married near it and never wearied of it.’ 

The UK government banned people from moving to second homes on March 22 after the Scottish government blasted people for non-essential travel to houses in the highlands. 


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