Eric Adams regains lead in major political betting market

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He’s now got better than half a chance of becoming Hizzoner.

Eric Adams is on the rise according to the online wagering outfit PredictIt, which on Saturday gave the Democratic contender a 55 percent chance of winning the mayoral race.

The figure was a big jump up from his 37 percent chance on Friday.

PredicIt, a site where users bet on political results, is run by a New Zealand university — and is known for its accurate forecasting.

The D.C.-based operation charges fees to traders who gain (and lose) real money as they try to suss out the ups and downs of those seeking office.

They also provide market data for academic research.

Adams’ chances had been as high as 91% following his strong showing on election night.

But the mayoral race — and the prediction market — were thrown into chaos after the Board of Elections apparently included 135,000 dummy ballots in its initial count.

Garcia’s odds in turn soared following that news — to as high as the mid-60s — but, as of Saturday were down to 42%.

During the campaign, the chatter was that Andrew Yang closely followed the market. The one-time front-runner‘s odds rose to as high as 71% in late April. “You pick one horse and the other starts winning,” one New York-area trader with hundreds of dollars on the line told The Post.

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