Evil Russian snipers who raped four-year-old in front of her parents ‘are dead’

Two Russian soldiers responsible for the brutal rape of a four-year-old Ukrainian girl in the Kyiv region have been killed, according to Ukrainian prosecutors.

The pair, both reportedly expert snipers, had been part of Russia's 15th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade. The unit has been accused of shocking war crimes during an assault on Brovary, a city near Kyiv, in March 2022.

Ukrainian prosecutors’ documents state that the two men were part of a six-strong gang of drunken Russian soldiers that barged into a family’s home and gang-raped the little girl and her mother.

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The child’s father, who was forced to watch the horrifying attack, recalled one of the soldiers saying the rape would “make a woman” of his daughter.

During their alcohol-fuelled rampage through the town, the two soldiers had also reportedly raped a 17-year-old girl and a 41-year-old woman, who had been pregnant at the time.

The men’s names are known to Ukrainian investigators, and phone calls to their families have suggested that they had both later died in combat.

The sickening attacks are part of a pattern of war crimes numbering in the thousands being investigated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

However, a Kremlin spokesman told the TASS news agency that Russia does not recognise the ICC’s jurisdiction.

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Yuriy Bielousov from Ukraine's Prosecutor General's office told reporters at a news conference that his agency is investigating more than 71,000 reports of war crimes perpetrated by Russian soldiers.

He added that 293 Russians had been identified by name: "These are persons whom we identified and found to be involved in the commission of a specific war crime.

“This is a wide range, starting from strikes on civilian objects, ending with sexual violence, murder of our citizens, torture and other types of war crimes."

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In the single most shocking case, 458 bodies were recovered from a mass grave in the city of Bucha after Russian forces withdrew from the area.

Despite comprehensive evidence being discovered by investigators from Amnesty International, the UN, and the New York Times, Russian military sources have dismissed the accusations as “fake news”.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied accusations of war crimes, instead blaming Ukraine for breaches of the Geneva Convention, including the summary execution of 10 Russian prisoners of war.

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