Experts explain what to do if a stranger blocks or parks on your driveway

Experts have revealed what you can do if an inconsiderate motorist has blocked your driveway – and why there’s a bizarre legal loophole involving parking laws.

People often think if their driveway is blocked, a quick call to the authorities will get the car moved.

But the infuriating act will probably go unpunished because the council has no authority to remove vehicles from private property,StressFreeCarRental.comexplains.

A spokesman told Wales Online: “Unfortunately, many homeowners stuck with someone else parked on their driveway are turned away from local authorities and councils as they have no authority to remove vehicles from private properties.

“Although this act can very often go unpunished, there are some things irritated homeowners can do to help avoid this problem happening to them again.”

If the offending car is blocking the driveway whilst parked on a public road, the council has the power to move it and fine the driver.

And if the vehicle looks like it has been abandoned, local authorities have a responsibility to get it moved.

There is no criminal law to stop a stranger parking on a driveway that isn’t theirs, so cops don’t have the power to make an arrest.

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But trespassing is a civil offence that can be pursued in the courts – meaning a judge could then make an order for the car blocking the driveway to be moved.

Another way to free up the space is to open a claim for nuisance behaviour.

This legal manoeuvre would argue that the car blocking the driveway is interfering with the enjoyment and use of the property.

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But going through the courts can be a long-winded process.

The best thing for the owner of the driveway to do is keep calm and try to not let the situation escalate.

They should most certainly not take the law into their own hands as this can very often result in them committing criminal offences themselves.

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