Floridians mistake Trident submarine missile launch for UFO

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Star-gazing South Floridians were stunned Tuesday night by a strange light in the sky, believing the eerie spectacle was a UFO — when in fact it was a Trident II submarine-launched missile on a test launch, according to reports.

“Literally just saw a UFO in South Florida!” one gobsmacked user KC said in a tweet.

Speedy Hammond wrote: “LISTEN!!! Me and my brother just witnessed a UFO flying over south Florida. Never in my life have I ever seen anything like this. NO JOKE. It was triangle, with dim orangish lights at every corner. This was the realist unexplainable thing I’ve ever seeen!!”

A series of notices to airmen, or NOTAMs, was posted by the government before the Trident-II SLBM launch in recent days, according to The Drive, which reported that the missile had a downrange travel distance of about 5,200 miles, with a re-entry area east of Ascension Island.

It was unclear if the launch was from a US Navy or Royal Navy nuclear sub, the outlet noted.

“No that’s not a UFO. It was a Trident-II SLBM Missile Test from a submarine off the coast of Florida,” CBS News meteorologist Zach Covey said in a tweet.

“The missile test had been scheduled for the past few days and we just so happened to catch it tonight,” he added.

Eric Vandernoot, an astronomy and physics lab coordinator at Florida Atlantic University, concurred; aliens were not buzzing the Sunshine State.

“The fact that you’re seeing people from the Hobe Sound and the Bahamas seeing it simultaneously tells me that it’s extremely high up in the sky,” Vandernoot told WPTV.

“This clearly seems to indicate to me it’s really high up in the sky, so people should not be worried,” he said.

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