Girls playing with Ouija board ‘opened doorway to evil’ warns ghostbuster ex-cop

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    A ghostbuster who used to work for the NYPD as a cop said that the 28 girls who were hospitalised after playing with a Ouija board in a Colombian school likely opened a “doorway to evil”.

    Concerned teachers at the Galeras Educational Institution in Galeras, Colombia accompanied the 28 students to the hospital after the girls showed signs of "fainting, anxiety and other symptoms," the Daily Star reported last week.

    The girls were understood to be playing with a Ouija board when the mass fainting incident happened.

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    While Hugo Torres, the school’s headteacher, said in a video statement at the time that he wanted the public to stay calm until the diagnoses came back, cop-turned-ghost hunter Chris DeFlorio said that “something evil” may be targeting the children in the area.

    The demonologist said that authorities aren’t looking at all possible causes for the girls’ collapse: “While most cases have been dismissed as food poisoning, unclean water, or another rational explanation, they exclude an obvious one, a doorway to evil might have been opened.

    “The children all began manifesting symptoms after using the Ouija board.

    “This is the one common denominator being overlooked, dismissed, or potentially covered up,” he claimed.

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    Chris and his wife Harmony perform exorcisms across the US to rid homes and individuals of evil spirits.

    The Religious Demonologist, who was an officer for the New York Police Department for 19 years, operates New York Demonic Investigation, a non-profit that aims to get rid of demons in the US.

    He said that while the girls at the school appeared to be using the Ouija board for fun, they’re actually very powerful tools used to summon demons.

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    “Though Ouija boards are presented as just your typical board game – that is hardly the case.

    “They are tools created to open up doorways to the other dimensions and should not be tampered with.

    “Adults and children should be warned that using an Ouija board for any reason will put your life and your soul at risk”, he starkly warned.


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