‘Good riddance!’ Australian Home Minister blasts Katie Hopkins and celebrates deportation

Katie Hopkins: Australian minister on cancellation of visa

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Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said her department was working as quickly as they could to remove Katie Hopkins from Australia after she bragged she flouted quarantine rules while in a government hotel on arrival. Ms Hopkins, who was in Australia to take part in Big Brother, caused outrage with the Australian government revoking her visa and looking at ways to deport her. Ms Andrews said “good riddance” and has previously attacked Ms Hopkins during several interviews. 

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Ms Andrews was asked on Sunday what the situation of Ms Hopkins was.

She explained: “Hopefully [she is] on her way out of the country as the day rolls on.

“At this point in time, her visa, the visa she travelled this country on has been cancelled.

“We’re looking to get her on the first available flight out of Australia and quite frankly, good riddance.

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“That’s what we’re working towards, so, I know that the Australian border forces working as quickly as it to look for what the flights are available.

“They’ll be working with her directly to get her on an aircraft.”

Ms Andrews was then asked why Ms Hopkins was allowed a visa in the first place considering her reputation. 

The minister explained that Ms Hopkins was supported by state government who suggested there was an economic benefit for her to be in the country and be on the Big Brother show.

Katie Hopkins brags about flouting lockdown rules in Sydney

She added it was also in Australia’s political interest to see national and local governments work together on issues.

Ms Hopkins was forced to quarantine for 14-days as part of Australia’s immigration/coronavirus laws.

But Ms Hopkins told her social media followers she was flouting rules in her quarantine hotel by not wearing masks.

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The commentator also said she would scare guards and staff by sneaking up on them naked. 

Speaking to ABC, Ms Andrews called the actions “appalling” and a “slap in the face.

She continued: “We will be getting her out of the country as soon as we can possible arrange that,” the minister told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Personally, I’m very pleased she’ll be leaving.”

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