Greenery that engulfed a house owned by 'recluse' is finally cut back

Overgrown greenery that once engulfed a house owned by ‘polite, well dressed recluse’ is finally cut back after more than a decade to reveal van, car and truck parked in the drive

  • A vine-covered house in Ramsgate, Kent has been trimmed back, revealing an arsenal of vehicles
  • The bushy property is once again accessible from the front door after the owner used to have to use the back 
  • Over 12 years, the house was overrun with vines, shrubs and trees which have grown increasingly wild
  • The mysterious occupant of the house is a ‘well trimmed and dressed man’, according to one neighbour
  • One neighbour said squirrels lived in the van in front of the house and that the front door was inaccessible 

A severely overgrown garden which engulfed a house, causing neighbours to complain, has been cut back – revealing a arsenal of vehicles including a van, car and truck.

MailOnline reported last week that neighbours were perplexed by the property in Ramsgate, Kent, after it became overgrown despite its owner’s ‘polite’ and ‘well-dressed’ appearance.

But now the property has been trimmed back with the house once again accessible through the front.

For the first time in years, the front window of the house is allowing light into the bush-covered property in Ramsgate 

The property in Ramsgate is now accessible from the front door and the trove of vehicles in the front garden can now be seen

The property in Ramsgate was left unattended for a number of years and was the subject of neighbours complaints

The severely overgrown garden engulfed the house in Ramsgate, east Kent, causing locals to complain about the vine-ridden property before it was partially cleared today

For the first time in years, the front window of the house is allowing light into the bush-covered property in Ramsgate

One neighbour even complained they had to rebuild their wall due to incursion onto their property from the out-of-control vegetation.

Meanwhile, the local postie has boycotted the property, labelling mail destined for the bushy house ‘undeliverable’.

Despite the property’s unkempt appearance, locals said the mysterious occupant was a ‘lovely, well-kept man’.

A street view of the property – on Boundary Road, Ramsgate, east Kent – shows it has been engulfed by greenery since 2009 – and the vines have been growing ever thicker since then.

The aerial view of the house looked like a mini-jungle compared to the properties on either side of the vine-covered terrace

The owner of the property was said to get in and out of the house through the back and is friendly with his neighbours

A trio of vehicles were caught in the vines with a car, van and even a boat caught in the overgrown vegetation

Neighbours said that they had to rebuild garden walls as the greenery grew out of control on the Ramsgate terrace

Trees, shrubs and vines can be seen on the property – its owner has been described as an ‘enigma wrapped in a bush’

The garden wall on the left-hand side of the home was knocked over and rebuilt by the Ramsgate mini-jungle

A boat, car and a van were all housed underneath the vines on the property in Ramsgate, east Kent

The back of the property is less covered in the vines but still houses several vehicles including more cars and a bike

The occupant, whose house was almost entirely deprived of natural light, reportedly was happy to comply with a request by one neighbour to trim back shoots that were creeping onto their property.

One disgruntled neighbour told The Sun at the time: ‘The locals are aware of it, the PCSOs and the fire brigade have been round a few times.

‘I don’t understand how there is no responsibility for it. 

‘You have people walking up and down picking up litter.

‘I’m left thinking seriously what is the point of that when you have this there.

‘It isn’t as bad as it was; it has been cut down a bit. 

‘But the front is completely overgrown.’

Thanet District Council have reportedly been unable to engage with the house’s owner.

Thanet District Council has been unable to get in contact with the man who owns the property in order to tame the greenery

According to bemused but complimentary neighbours, the owner keeps to himself and seldom bothers those around him

The structure of the house’s facade could barely be seen with aerial views scarcely showing a house on the land at all 

The back of the house is not much better with several cars across the back garden of the property in states of disrepair

It is unknown why the property is home to so many vehicles in both the vine-covered front and more kept back garden

Mail for the strikingly messy house has been branded undeliverable by local postal workers who can not navigate the garden

The ‘enigmatic’ homeowner has lived in the shrub-enshrouded property for 12 years, keeping himself to himself. 

Ted, another neighbour, said: ‘I just sometimes see him to say hello to.

‘He gets in and out over the back. 

‘He is very nice, but a bit secluded really. The house is definitely lived in.

‘He doesn’t do a lot with it though. He leaves us alone so we leave him alone.’

Rena Reves, 40, described her mysterious neighbour as ‘an enigma wrapped in bush’.

She said: ‘There used to be a little path that went up to the front door but that’s long gone.

‘I think squirrels live in one of the vans at the front of the garden.

‘The problem is when it starts affecting other people.

‘You can live how you like until then.

‘Some of the vines have started going to the chimney of the other house, and if it gets into the brickwork that won’t be any good.

She added: ‘It’s just always been like that for as long as I can remember.’

 A friend of the homeowner said: ‘He’s a lovely man. Done a lot for charity.

‘It doesn’t bother him. He goes in the back way, he keeps himself lovely and clean.

‘Always polite, well trimmed and dressed. 

‘He does live there and has for a while.

‘He is a bit of a recluse, but it’s always been like that.

‘It’s his property. He can do what he wants. He owns the house.’

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