Harry and Meghan ‘trying too hard’ and being ‘overly affectionate in public’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's body language has been notable in recent weeks following the death of the Duke of Sussex's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The pair's behaviour has caused plenty of public scrutiny, especially when compared to William and Kate, who took a more business-like approach to their PDA during the mourning period following the late monarch's death.

Podcaster and columnist Jana Hocking told news.com.au: "I always question those who have to prove their overly-affectionate selves in public. Yes, the pessimist in me ponders why they are trying to hard.

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"Take for example Meghan and Harry. We watch her cling to him in public as if she will lose him if they don’t hold hands.

"Then take a good look at William and Kate. They stand tall, strong and independent – yet united.

"For me, that’s a sign of a sturdy marriage. Two people who can stand upright by themselves but throw each other an adoring side-glance when needed. No Power-PDA needed to prove their union.

"Is this touchy-feely-ness a sign of insecurity? Perhaps. Lust? Maybe. Ickyness to those around them? Definitely," she wrote.

Others didn't agree, however.

Royal fans took to Twitter to support the couple.

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One said: "My twitter feed is full of people whining cos Harry and Meghan held hands at the funeral talking about PDA and time and a place.. it's hand holding??"

Another added: "They also need to realize that yeah maybe PDA isn’t protocol for working royals (William & Catherine)… but Harry and Meghan aren’t working. They’ve long since resigned from their duties and are attending their grandmother’s FUNERAL as GRIEVING FAMILY MEMBERS."

Harry and Meghan flew back to the US after spending time in the UK after Her Majesty's death on September 8.

They had initially arrived in Europe in early September for a series of charitable engagements, including the One Young World summit, but their trip took an unexpected turn just three days after Meghan was a keynote speaker at the event.

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