Harry’s ‘inner circle’ may commit ‘ultimate sin’ over memoirs warns Royal expert

A Royal expert has claimed that Harry's "inner circle" of friends may commit the "ultimate sin" and dish details on Harry's life before Meghan.

Harry recently announced that he is writing a memoir with ghost writer J.R. Moehringer that is due be released in 2022.

The memoir is tipped to cover Meghan and Harry's time as senior royals in the firm and may confront some of the controversies of racism within the Royal Family and Meghan's alleged bullying scandal.

A friend of Harry's told the Daily Mail: "There is fear that he's going to reveal details of his hedonistic youth which some worry will play havoc with their careers and personal lives."

And now Royal expert Daniela Elser, has warned: "Those who once made up Harry’s inner circle are reportedly considering committing what used to be the ultimate sin in the eyes of any self-respecting HRH and speaking out about him.

"Not a single one has ever sold Harry out and dished on the Princes’ lives, no matter the very large, oleaginous cheques the tabloid press would have, I’m assuming, waved enticingly in their direction."

"All that could be about to change" Elser predicted, in light of a source which told the Daily Mail Harry's friends have "pledged to break ranks to tell their story" if Harry slams his old school and military buddies.

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As young men, Princes William and Harry would attempt to maintain their privacy by purposefully planting fake stories among their friends to see who was leaking the false information to the press.

The Royal Family's insistence on privacy and the lengths they would go to maintain it would be known by friends from Harry's time in Eton and the Army.

However, Elser went on to say: "Spilling the royal beans used to be the ultimate transgression but now that we are firmly wedged in the Sussex Era, when precedent has long since gone out the window, we are facing the possibility of a damaging tit for tat mud-slinging.

Harry's friends are not the only ones affected by the forthcoming memoir as royal watchers have also speculated the book will give royal aides the green light to speak out on their experiences working with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Sun's former executive editor Dan Wootton reported that "furious former staff members" of the couple "are hoping the Duke's tell-all autobiography will finally allow them to speak out against the royal couple without the fear of repercussions."

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