Heatwave daredevils in ‘tombstone’ backflips from Tower Bridge into Thames

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A bunch of heatwave-stricken daredevils shocked onlookers as they plunged off Tower Bridge into the River Thames below in a dangerous stunt.

Bizarre viral footage shows the group of lads brazenly leaping 40ft into the busy waterway as they attempted to keep cool amid scorching temperatures in the capital.

The video has now received hundreds of likes since being uploaded to Instagram three days ago, while passing cars and an open top tourist bus appeared to have a live view of the 'tombstoning' jump.

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Three of the youngsters can be seen to make the leap first, one of them descending from the top of a railing, while a more nervous fourth participant peers over before doing a backflip into the river.

All four of them appear up at the surface of the river before swimming away.

Reflecting on the risky jump, 18-year-old Adam Szaniawski — who was joined by his friends Toby (@tw.visions) and Alex (@alexanderfarrell1999) — told the Sun: "We were all buzzing".

“The current was strong and it was a difficult swim to try and get out.

Adam also admitted that it was a dangerous thing to do and said he was "not encouraging" others to do the same.

The RNLI previously warned against similar stunts after a teenage YouTuber almost drowned at the same spot in 2015.

"Jumping into the Thames from a bridge is extremely dangerous – the shock of cold water make it very difficult to swim and strong currents can rapidly sweep people away”, they commented.

Temperatures leapt up to 30C in central London yesterday, with meteorologists now tipping them to soar even higher in the days ahead.

One forecasting model even claims the capital could experience a record-breaking high of 40C on Sunday, though most weather agencies expect a somewhat more bearable 34C.


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