Horror as bags of human remains dumped in the road in Jalisco cartel territory

A gruesome discovery of 18 plastic bags filled with human remains has been linked to the Mexican Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Police found the bags of hacked-up body parts on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara.

The area is known to be Jalisco New Generation Cartel territory, one of Mexico’s most violent and powerful organisations.

Investigators found one human limb near to a highway overpass, which led them to a heap of taped-up bags nearby.

Authorities said in a statement on February 11 the severed limbs are now being examined to determine how many corpses the body parts belonged to.

The grim discovery comes after police recovered 113 bodies and additional human remains from a secret grave in the town of El Salto, just outside Guadalajara, back in November 2020.

In October, 60 bodies had been found in a different mass grave in the town of Salvatierra in neighbouring state Guanajuato.

Jalisco governor Enrique Alfaro said violence in the state was due to organised crime groups seeking to create fear and said the city is "so much more" than that.

He said: "This city is so much more than those who want it to sink into fear and unease."

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The cartel has been fighting a breakaway faction in and around Guadalajara for a number of years and has gained power since the incarceration of El Chapo and the fall of the Sinaloa Cartel.

More than 80,000 people are listed as missing since Mexico's drug war began in 2006.

Most of these are thought to be drug cartel victims, who are often ritually tortured, executed, dismembered and dumped in the street.

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