Husband squeals in shock when a squirrel leaps out of bathroom bin

Hilarious moment husband squeals in shock when a squirrel leaps out of bathroom bin as he tells his terrified wife there is ‘literally nothing in here’

  • A woman was filmed standing on a bathroom counter to hide from a squirrel  
  • She urges her husband to call the rat exterminator to their home in Oklahoma 
  • He claims ‘it’s physically impossible’ for the squirrel to have entered the room
  • He opens the bathroom just seconds before a squirrel is launched from the bin 

A wife was given the shock of her life as a squirrel leaped out of a bathroom bin after her husband said there was ‘literally nothing in here’ and ‘physically impossible’ for the pest to have got into the room.

Footage shows the husband, who is seen holding a long stick, wandering through the kitchen of his family home in Edmond, Oklahoma.

He says: ‘So we’ve been getting squirrels in our attic and my wife is now standing on the counter cause she’s freaked out and thinks somehow one has got into our bathroom.’

A terrified wife is seen standing on the bathroom counter to hide from a squirrel in her family home in Edmond, Oklahoma. She ‘freaked out’ after her and her husband found squirrels in their attic and feared they had got into the bathroom

He claims ‘this is physically impossible’ for the animal to get into the room as his wife can be heard shouting in the distance.

The husband then approaches the bathroom where his petrified wife is seen standing on the work surface shouting. 

The husband appears to ignore his panicked wife’s plea to call the rat exterminator and proceeds to wander towards the bathroom 

His wife, known as Suze, appears adamant as she points her finger at her husband standing below.

She says: ‘There’s a squirrel in there, I hear it.’

The pair continue to go back and forth over whether he should open the toilet door.

The cameraman glances around the bathroom to check the coast is clear just moments before a squirrel leaps out of the bin

He appears irritated and raises his voice as he wanders close to the door, which has its gap covered with a kitchen towel.

His wife’s plea for him to call the rat exterminator is ignored as he pushes the door open.

She immediately screams and can be heard heavily breathing as he opens it, in the clip from February 12.

He appears smug as he says to his wife: ‘What did I just tell you? There is literally nothing in here.’

But seconds later, the husband is proven wrong as a squirrel is launched from inside the bin and lands on to his face. 

He hysterically screams as he tries to quickly back away from the flying rodent.

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