I accidentally super glued my son's EYE shut – after mistaking the bottle ​for medical drop

A DAD was left horrified when he accidentally superglued his son's eye after mistaking the bottle for medical drops.

Kevin's son Rupert was given some drops by his doctor after getting sustaining a nasty eye injury last February.

The nine-year-old had been on the medication for two days when his dad picked up a tube and emptied the contents into his eye, Teesside Live reports.

It was afterwards that his dad noticed it was a bottle of superglue and not the medication.

Rupert was rushed to hospital for treatment where thankfully he made a full recovery.

The Day family will be sharing their ordeal on the TV show Helicopter ER which will air on Tuesday.

“Rupert scratched his eye a and we were given some eye cream," Kevin told the show.

“I went to put it in and then realised I had put superglue in his eye instead.

“I phoned 999 who advised us to keep flushing it and they said an ambulance was on its way. I wasn’t expecting the air ambulance.”

It was Yorkshire Air Ambulance that was dispatched due to its close proximity to where Rupert was.

The paramedics cleaned out the nine-year-old's eye and gave him pain relief before landing at Harrogate Hospital.

“I had a massive fear that I had blinded my son and ruined his life," Kevin said.

Rupert spent a few hours in hospital but was unable to open his eye for four days.

The Days' ordeal will feature in Helicopter ER, shown on Channel Really at 10pm on Tuesday, November 2.

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