'Influencer' defends jetting off to Dubai in Covid lockdown and says 'jealous' Brits should 'get off the sofa'

A SOCIAL media ‘influencer’ has defended her jaunt to sun-kissed Dubai during the pandemic, telling furloughed Brits: “Get off the sofa and stop watching Netflix.”

Klaudia Zakrzewska, 27, jetted off to the glamorous tourist hotspot while furloughed from her admin job in engineering.

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She was snapped landing back in the UK on Friday after a last-gasp dash home before Britain's new UAE travel ban took hold.

While in Dubai she bagged free luxury hotel stays, posh restaurant meals and drinks in exchange for promoting venues online to her 23,000 Instagram followers.

But critics have slammed so-called influencers for not doing proper work – insisting they should not be travelling abroad while the majority of Brits are locked down at home.

Speaking to The Sun about her jolly, Klaudia, from west London, said: “It’s a proper job and is genuine work.

“I think the haters back home who are kicking off about influencers abroad are just jealous.


“I have paperwork from restaurants and hotels agreeing to the jobs and it allows me to travel.”

Asked what she thought of people who say influencers should not be going abroad, Klaudia said: “I’m on furlough right now and like everyone else, I don’t know what the future holds.

“I’ve been proactive in finding other ways to make money while I’m not at my day job and I’m doing something constructive with my time.

“I’d encourage people to do the same instead of sitting down watching films or Netflix all day.

“Try to find different skills away from your traditional job and try to better yourself rather than sitting at home looking at everyone else who is doing something with their lives and saying ‘oh they shouldn’t be doing that’.

I’d encourage people to do the same instead of sitting down watching films or Netflix all day."

“It’s like, ‘well, what are you doing?’”

Klaudia stressed that infections were “relatively low” in Dubai and added that their coronavirus rules are “strict”.

She added: "The infection rates when I flew out to Dubai initially about three weeks ago were relatively low in the UAE.

"They are so strict over there with masks, social distancing and so on. It's in their interests to do things properly as they rely on tourism so much.

"When you go to a restaurant for example, there's no standing up and mixing with other tables like you normally would do on a night out.

"It's full-on face-masks until you're in your seats and you need a negative test to enter the country in the first place.

"Now I'm back home I'm going to be following the same rules we have over here.

"I can't speak for anyone else but just because you're abroad working it doesn't mean coronavirus rules go out the window."

Klaudia returns to her day job in February – but admits she does not have full-time influencer aspirations.

She said: “I asked my employers if it was ok to find alternative income while I’m furloughed and they said I could.


“I wouldn’t want to be a full-time social media star.

“But I’d like to continue it on the side as something I do when I go travelling and so on.

“It’s really hard to make money right now so I’m covering all bases work-wise.

“If it gets to a point where I don’t have my normal job after furlough then it’ll put me in a difficult position.

“You just never know what’s going to happen and we’re in uncertain times right now so I’m trying to make a difference for myself if worse comes to worse.”


The UK’s Dubai travel ban means all direct flights from the UAE to Britain have been suspended in a bid to stop the new South African variant of Covid-19.

People who choose to fly home from Dubai using indirect flights will be forced to self-isolate at home for 10 days.

But the rule changes did not appear to bother numerous British models, reality stars and social media influencers already holidaying in the UAE.

Love Island's Joe Garrett posed for pool-side snaps with his stunning model girlfriend Desiree Schlotz and TV pal Anton Danyluk over the weekend.

The trio shared pictures and videos of their luxury hotel in the Emirate state before hitting the town for a posh dinner.

Joe, 22, is dating stunning Instagram model Desiree Schlotz, who The Sun on Sunday revealed last year was being pursued by Britain's Got Talent funnyman David Walliams.

It comes as a new UK government ad campaign warns holidays are “illegal”.

Officials from the Foreign Office signed off adverts intended to “remind people that travelling abroad is against the law”.

Financial experts last night said the UAE travel ban would hit Dubai with a £23billion tourism blackhole.


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