Inside the eerie abandoned farmhouse from the 1880s where ‘time has stood still’

An abandoned farmhouse in Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, has become a time-capsule filled with old family possessions from bygone eras.

Pittfield Farm dates back to the 1880s and was abandoned after the death of the previous owner five years ago.

Known locally as 'the house where time has stood still' was once known as Red Poll farm and was built by a roadsman called Thomas Thornton, Lancs Live reports.

His daughter, Mary Thornton, married a local railway man by the name of Thomas Henry Crane at St Anne's Church which was witnessed by their friends, the Cookson family, who lived locally to the farm.

Thomas and Mary had one daughter, also named Mary, who would later marry another Thomas, called Thomas Cowell.

The farm ran successfully and bred Clydesdale horses for local shows in 2013 up until Thomas passed away.

The site was functioning up until 2016 when Mary passed away and the property has been this way ever since.

It is understood that two family members have joint ownership of the house, but are at odds over what to do with it.

Urban Explorer Kyle Urbex from Leeds, along with fellow explorer Hayley Mase, paid a visit to the untouched property which wasn't without drama itself.

He told LancsLive: "We drove up to the farm and were disturbed by what appeared to be an old farmer shouting upstairs.

"We heard, 'Hello get out of my house, the police have been called!' It later turned out to be two fellow explorers just having a laugh.

"We were amazed when exploring this fairly untouched property. Some of the discoveries were fantastic such as as a whole living room intact including old style TV.

"Plates had been left on the kitchen table not to mention the old car left decaying in the garage."

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He added that the property has since been emptied of its contents.

From the evidence found it appears that this was once a very normal, functioning, family home.

Sheet music titled 'Hymns Live That For Ever' sit untouched on a grand piano and an old black and white portrait still sits on a fireplace.

Kyle added: "Venturing round this untouched time warp uncovering many hidden gems was certainly one of my favourites.

"There were gems in every room."

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