Instagram models launch odd Ukraine-Russia peace bid with naked body paint stunt

A pair of nude Instagram models have been slammed and divided the internet after parading down the streets of Florida wearing nothing but Ukraine and Russian flag body paint – in a bizarre bid to spread peace.

Vvs Diamond, 27, and Sosa Pierre, 28, were seen walking hand in hand along Pompano Beach, Florida wearing nothing but nipple tape and thongs.

VVs, who is a former exotic dancer, has form for such stunts and recently went viral for playing the guitar with her tongue.

Sosa had painted half of her body white, blue and red to resemble the Russian flag and singer Vvs with yellow and pale blue paint to mimic Ukraine.

Footage shows the near-naked pair calmly walking through a carpark, waving at onlookers in a mark of solidarity (we suppose?) to the victims of the war.

The video was uploaded to Instagram where it racked up over 5,000 likes, with the caption: "Spread love not war."

But despite their seemingly good intentions, the stunt has split the opinion of social media users.

One Instagram user said: "Weird ASF. Any of y'all from Russia or Ukraine or is this for attention?" [sic]

“Facts this ish sad worst part bout it they only trying go viral lame,” said another critic. [sic]

“Dats what I’m sayin! They look hella goofy,” agreed someone else. [sic]

Another viewer added: "So unnecessary,” followed by two crying emojis.

“Do anything for a lil attention,” added another user. [sic]

“Yal should take this down doe,” one user said. [sic]

"Clothes with the same color patterns work better,” said someone else. [sic]

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Others leapt to the models' defence.

One defender said: "Shii I agree. We need more content like this. So we can spread awareness and sh*t like that [sic]."

Another fan commented: "This is exactly what we need in this world. Equality."

“This brought tears to my eyes I would like to personally thank them,” added someone else.

One user added: “No better way to get a message out and people together than gratuitous nudity.”

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