Is Theresa May wearing Margaret Thatcher’s £40,000 bracelet?

Is Theresa May wearing Margaret Thatcher’s £40,000 bracelet? Ex-PM is seen wearing identical piece of jewellery to that sold to a mystery buyer at Christie’s earlier this year

  • Margaret Thatcher’s gold hardstone ‘pebble’ bracelet sold at auction in May
  • Jewellery was expected to sell for £2,500 but fetched £40k after bidding war 
  • Theresa May was spotted wearing a bracelet that looked exactly the same
  • Bracelet was given to Mrs Thatcher as a gift by husband Denis in late 1960s 

The mystery buyer who spent £40,000 on one of Margaret Thatcher’s bracelets may have been revealed – as her fellow female prime minister Theresa May.

Mrs May was pictured wearing a very similar gold ‘pebble’ bracelet while waving goodbye outside No.10 Downing Street yesterday.

Standing in front of the door alongside husband Philip, the trinket could be seen around her right wrist.

Mrs Thatcher wore the hardstone bracelet – which features colourful cabochon gemstones and was a gift from husband Denis – on several notable days in her career including her first day as prime minister in 1979, when she welcomed Mikhail Gorbachev to Chequers in 1984 and when she met Nelson Mandela in Downing Street in 1990.  

Theresa May was seen wearing a gold hardstone ‘pebble’ bracelet yesterday while leaving Downing Street, left, that looked incredibly similar to one favoured by Margaret Thatcher, right, that was sold at auction for £40,000 earlier this year

The bracelet, pictured, was a gift to Mrs Thatcher from husband Denis in the late 1960s and became part of her ‘uniform jewellery’, often being worn for official photos. It was bought by a mystery buyer at the Christie’s auction in May

Mrs Thatcher wore the bracelet on several important occasions, including a trip to Moscow in 1987, pictured. Auctioneers Christie’s say they do not know who made the item or how rare it is, but that it was given to Mrs Thatcher in the late 1960s

She also proudly displayed the bracelet when meeting world leaders, such as when she greeted Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev to Chequers in December 1984 (left) and then again when meeting President Ronald Reagan at Camp David in the US just days later (right)

Along with a gold and amethyst ring – also a present from Denis – the bracelet formed part of her ‘uniform’ jewellery which she wore for official pictures. 

It went up for auction two months ago at Christie’s along with 169 other personal items to mark the 40th anniversary of her election as the UK’s first female Prime Minister on 3 May 1979.

The bracelet had estimate price of just £2,500, only to end up selling for £40,000 following a bidding war.

Christie’s said it did not have any information on who made the bracelet in its records and could not comment on how rare it was. 

She also wore the bracelet when meeting Nelson Mandela in Downing Street in July 1990, left, and when she left No. 10 for the last time in November 1990

Mrs Thatcher is pictured here wearing the bracelet with prime minister John Major in 1991

But the new owner was never revealed – raising questions over whether it could be Mrs May, who is the only other woman to become prime minister of Britain. 

Mrs May spent her first day outside of No.10 at the cricket at Lord’s today to watch England take on Ireland – and was not wearing the bracelet in question. 

The ring was also sold as part of the auction and fetched nearly £30,000.

The total raised at the auction was more than £1million, attracting bids from within 36 different countries across six continents. 

MailOnline has contacted Mrs May’s office for comment. 

Mrs May was spotted at Lord’s today for the England cricket test match against Ireland and was not wearing the same bracelet 

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