James Bulger's dad fears killer Jon Venables 'had taxpayer-funded plastic surgery to protect his identity'

JAMES BULGER'S dad fears one of his son's killers had taxpayer-funded plastic surgery to protect his identity.

Ralph Bulger wants to know if Jon Venables has had an operation to alter his appearance and if the taxpayer footed the bill.

Venables was 10 years old when he and Robert Thompson – also 10 at the time -murdered James, two, in Liverpool in 1993.

The evil pair served eight years in prison for the horrific killing before being freed on licence with lifelong anonymity.

Venables, 38, was caged again in 2010 for having child abuse images on his computer and released in 2013 under another new identity.

He was sent back to prison for the same offence in 2017 and is due to stay behind bars without parole after his application was denied.


Mr Bulger, 54, wrote to the probation and parole boards before the hearing demanding to know if Venables has received plastic surgery, it is reported.

Mr Bulger told The Mirror: “Taxpayers’ money should not be spent giving a monster protection with a new face.

“My child never saw a Christmas beyond his second birthday and I hope Venables rots in his cell for the rest of his days."

It was reported in 2018 that Venables could get taxpayer-funded plastic surgery to further protect his anonymity.

There are plenty of great causes to spend public money on to help people. Changing V­enables’ face is not one of them

Ralph – backed by James’s uncle Jimmy – fought to have the anonymity order protecting Venables lifted because of his repeat offending.

James's dad has also been told Venables is furious he will stay in jail as he expected to be home by Christmas.

In 2018, Venables was jailed for 40 months and would normally be released after serving 20.

But he can't be released unless the Parole Board recommends it as he in on a life licence and on parole until his death.

Mr Bulger added: "I’ve always believed Venables will kill another child again if he is allowed back into the community.

"So much money has been thrown at him for nearly 30 years and yet he will always be a dangerous, predatory killer.

"There are plenty of great causes to spend public money on to help people – changing V­enables’ face is not one of them.”

The Ministry of Justice declined to comment on Venables having surgery.

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