John McAfee’s widow doesn’t believe tech mogul’s alleged ‘suicide note’ is real

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John McAfee branded himself a "parasite" and claimed "his future does not exist" in an apparent suicide note released by his widow, who doesn't believe he took his own life.

The anti-virus mogul died in a Spanish prison aged 75 as he awaited extradition to the US on tax-related charges last month.

The authorities say McAfee killed himself, but his wife Janice, who shared the alleged suicide note online, does not believe that is the case.

Casting doubt on its legitimacy, she wrote: "Here is the alleged suicide note found in John's pocket. This note does not sound anything like someone who has no hope and is contemplating ending their life.

"This note sounds like one of John's tweets."

Janice, who is almost 40 years her late husband's junior and was working as a prostitute when the pair met in 2012, added the hashtags: "Not a suicide note" and "Justice for John McAfee".

In the short note, which is less than one side of A4 long, McAfee describes himself as a "phantom parasite", adding that he wants to "control" his future "which does not exist".

McAfee was arrested on October 3 last year at El Prat airport in Barcelona as he attempted to flee the country to Turkey.

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The charges he faces carried a prison sentence of up to 30 years.

Janice has previously tweeted that she doesn't think her husband killed himself and thinks officials have "something to hide" since his death on June 23.

She wrote: "There has been no since [sic] of urgency from the various Spanish authorities involved in the investigation into John's death and there is clearly cover up happening here concerning the events surrounding his death.

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"We have not received the death certificate, the official autopsy report or the official report from the prison.

"I understand that things take time but the lack of cooperation from the Spanish authorities only confirms our suspicions that they have something to hide."

The official autopsy confirmed suicide as the cause of death although that has not convinced Janice, who said the story of the tech guru's suicide spread like a "malignant cancer".

  • John McAfee's widow claims he 'didn't kill himself' after cryptic 'suicide' tweet

She added: "I blame the US authorities for this tragedy. Because of these politically motivated charges against him my husband is now dead."

The widow said her husband did not appear suicidal in the hours before his death, adding: "His last words to me were: 'I love you and I will call you this evening.'"

McAfee spent years making his own claims that he was being targeted as he alleged that he had compiled files about "corruption" in governments.

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Before his arrest the entrepreneur had been on the run, living on a boat in international waters to try to evade the authorities.

As well as facing tax evasion charges in the US, authorities in Belize sought to question him over the bloody death of a neighbour who threatened his dogs.

McAfee, who made his money writing the first commercial anti-virus software, lived a colourful life.

He claimed to have "47 genetic children" and was married three times.

He met his his third wife, Janice, when she was working as a prostitute in Florida, and for the first two years of their relationship she was spying on her husband for a cartel who wanted to kidnap McAfee.

She said they wanted her to poison him and let them in the house where he was staying, but McAfee stayed with her even after her role in the plot was revealed.

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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