Kremlin forces humiliated after famed Stalingrad tank division reduced to smoking wreckage

Ukraine: Russia 'not achieved strategic success' says Girkin

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The victory saw the Ukrainian forces destroy the famed tanks from the infamous Stalingrad tank division. The Russian 4th Guards tank division was lorded after defeating Nazi Germany’s advances to claim Soviet territory in what is known as the deadliest battle of the Second World War.

The Battle of Stalingrad in 1942 and 1943 had estimated casualties of up to two million people and it was marked as a turning point in the war.

Now, the legendary division has been defeated by Ukrainian forces in the town of Trostyanets which is situated 15 miles from the Russian border and 220 miles from Kyiv.

The Kremlin held occupation in the area for 25 days, the images of burnt-out howitzers and tanks from the Stalingrad division alongside the Ukrainian flags which are flying one again in the town, can only send the message of failure back to the Kremlin.

The town was claimed at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine after week-long combat which led to footage of the tanks and artillery being put in place in the town square.

The same equipment which has now been destroyed in the same square by Ukrainian troops and insurgent forces who have killed or captured Russian troops as they failed to hold on to their new territory.

Expert on land warfare Jack Watling stated that the retaking of the town “demonstrates that the Ukrainians are able to counter-attack” and therefore “Russia can’t assume that once they hold ground they have secured it.”

The footage posted onto social media on Sunday, shows Ukrainian troops reclaiming their town on foot behind the protection of an armoured fighting vehicle as they open fire on Russian forces.

After an explosion caused by a Ukrainian tank, the Facebook page belonging to Kholodhny Yar, the 93rd Mechanised Brigade, declared: “Trostyanets is free from Russian occupation”.

It added: “Today, the 93rd Mechanised Brigade Kholodnyi Yar, with the help of territorial defence forces and local partisans, has liberated the city of Trostyanets in the Sumy region from the Russian occupation forces.

“Kholodnyi Yar fighters have managed to expel the ‘elite’ Russian ground force troops, the Kantemyr tank division [4th Guards]

“This was preceded by the defeat of the command post and the leadership of the 96th Separate Reconnaissance Brigade in the first days of the defence of Okhtyrka and the battles for Trostyanets.”

It continued: “After a series of setbacks, the Russian army has fled Trostyanets, leaving behind weapons, equipment and ammunition that the 93rd Brigade will use to liberate other Ukrainian cities from occupation.”

The page then added images of Ukrainian leaders meeting with people in the town and others posing with the destroyed Russian equipment that belonged to the legendary Stalingrad tank division.

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The city of Sumy has been under attack for almost a month and Trostyanets is located on a main road 30 miles south of the city, so the recapturing of this Ukrainian territory was key for blocking Russian manoeuvres and gives hope to a supply route of aid to the city.

Former British Military Intelligence Colonel Philip Ingram stated: “Trostyanets is a town on a significant north-south route between Sumy and Okhtyrka. 

“If Ukraine has control of that road, then you are seriously restricting Russia’s ability to manoeuvre.

“Any roads Ukraine takes back impacts Russia’s ability to move around. 

“The Russians are constrained to the roads and control of the junctions gives you firing positions straight down them.”

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