'Leopard' spotted lurking in grass in sleepy village – but is it all as it seems?

A LEOPARD on the prowl has been spotted lurking in the grass in a sleeping British village – but things might not be quite what they seem.

The big cat has been spotted multiple times by locals in the tiny village of Codford, Wiltshire.

But many have sussed that the cat in question is actually a toy or ornament.

The large feline has been photographed seemingly ‘’eerily still’’, hunched below a grass burrow in a park. 

After taking a walk in the park following lunch, one local spotted the cat and took a snap.

The cheetah-like predator is thought to have then run off promptly following the photoshoot. 

However, not all locals believe the leopard is real with an eyewitness saying: "I was walking with my mate and its colouring caught the corner of my eye.

"At first I thought 'Is that a dog? Is that a large swan?' I stopped walking and turned over to look at it "It was hunched over and I thought something wasn't right.

"Your obvious instinct is to run but then I thought why would it go for me when there's other people who have been walking around.

"I went to get my phone out to take a video. I'm more of a cogs and whistle man and clearly am not tech savvy as I took a photo.

"I went to take another one and it had just ran off.’’

The stuffed animals origins has left many confused as they went onto say: "After that I turned to my mate and said 'what the f*** just happened?' "It was just sitting there like some sort of apex predator looking like it was on the hunt.

"I have no idea what it had its eyes on. It's staring right into the camera when you look at the picture,''

"I sent it to my friend who put it in a forum and there were people saying it had been photoshopped.

"I can just about work my way around the internet. I wouldn't even know how to open and fiddle around with photoshop.

"It was just the most bizarre yet fascinating encounter I've had."

Social media users have poured in with comments on the spotted cat, with some people telling tales of their own sightings.

One said: '''It's a stuffed toy! Or an ornament.''

Another user on Facebook commented: "Lots of wildcats roam England now and Wiltshire is one of those places!! A few thousand of them reportedly now.

"Silly people get them as pets and then abandon them when they realise they can't look after them."

Another chimed in claiming: "I encountered an extremely large black cat when I was 11! Me and few of my friends witnessed it!

"We legged it home and to this day nobody believed us! But we all knew what we saw!"

One user spoke of a big soft cat wandering the streets when they were young.

She said: "When I was 10 I saw a black panther in one of the fields behind the school when I was walking in from a P.E lesson.

"My mum saw one wander down the street, as well as an early morning dog walker seeing it drinking from the local pond all around the same time! It's since moved on as no further sightings of it since!"

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