Madeleine McCann’s parents hit back at ‘despicable’ trolls

Madeleine McCann’s parents hit back at ‘despicable’ trolls sending them hate messages after £12m hunt to find their missing daughter receives extra £300,000 funding

  • The probe to find missing Madeleine McCann has received an extra £300,000
  • More than £11.75 million has already been spent trying to find the toddler
  • The website, launched to help find Maddie, has been receiving hateful messages

Madeleine McCann’s parents have hit back at the ‘despicable’ trolls sending them hate messages after the probe into their missing daughter received an extra £300,000 in funding.

Last week the Home Office gave the Metropolitan Police enough funding to investigate missing toddler’s disappearance for another year.

More than £11.75million has already been spent on trying to find Maddie since she went missing from her parents’ holiday apartment in Portugal on May 3 2007.

An official website was launched to help find the missing toddler, and its digital coordinator, a close friend of the couple, has hit out after receiving ‘hateful messages.’

The Home Office has given the Metropolitan Police enough funding to investigate missing toddler Madeleine McCann’s disappearance for another year

Kate and Gerry McCann have been targeted with hateful messages after the probe to find their daughter received more funding

As reported by The Sun she said: ‘Ha ha, so funny to play games on a missing child’s page. You play these despicable games, you will be banned.’

‘I know we should ignore and we usually do. This is but a small sample of what we have to deal with from people on hate pages conspiring to disrupt our page.

‘Please do not send these hateful people private messages. We are all better than these despicable people. 

‘Apparently, they can harass and torment an innocent family, but are crying because people are calling them out on their awful behaviour.’

Scotland Yard opened its investigation into Maddie’s disappearance in 2013 and named it Operation Grange. 

A family spokesman said in a statement: ‘Kate and Gerry are extremely grateful to the Metropolitan Police for making a new funding application and whilst they know it is not guaranteed they are hoping it will be approved. 

‘It shows that officers are still doing everything they can to get a resolution after all this time. And it gives them hope that one day they may finally find out what happened to their daughter.

‘It gives them belief there is still work left to be done.’

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