Meghan and Harry ‘could enter dangerous territory with podcast project’

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could be entering "dangerous territory" with their podcast project that could see them at odds with the royal family, a commentator has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed an exclusive deal with Spotify to host and produce their own podcast under their Archewell Audio brand.

It is unclear what the couple's podcast will focus on but the pair will be releasing a special Christmas episode in the run up to the big day.

Royal commentator Darren Grimes, who hosts YouTube show Reasoned, said the deal could harm Meghan and Harry's relationship with the Royal Family if the couple discuss or host anyone with strong political views.

Mr Grimes added that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex face crossing into "dangerous territory" if they breach royal protocol.

Mr Grimes told the Express: "We have already seen that they have got their own honours and gongs to hand out now.

"Will Meghan and Harry be offering other platforms as far as politics is concerned too?

"What is their status as royals because this starts to become pretty dangerous territory for the Royal Family."

The couple deny their honours are designed to rival the Queen's honours.

The Royal commentator claims the podcast also "calls into question the farce" of Meghan and Harry claiming they want to live a "private life."

He adds that the Queen's decision not to remove the couple's royal titles is a "dangerous move" as it exposes the magic of the monarchy and the power of a name.

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Mr Grimes said: "What is their status as royals because this starts to become pretty dangerous territory for the Royal Family.

"If these celebrities are able to swan around Hollywood, be front and centre of a camera on Netflix or the audio of a Spotify playlist elevating those with political opinions, it might actually go against the grain and break royal protocol.

"Surely it calls into question, the farce of them wanting a private life, that has been exposed as the farcical sham it always was.

"But it also exposes the fact that the Royal Family has not removed the royal titles from this couple.

"To me, it strikes me as quite a dangerous move by the Royal Family.

"This is because it exposes the magic of monarchy."

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