Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'surprise teen girl with Zoom mentoring session on how to 'overcome challenges''

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry allegedly surprised a teenage girl with a mentoring session over Zoom.

The Duke and Duchess and Sussex are believed to have offered the student advice on "how to overcome challenges" as she "navigates high school on her computer".

The video call was organised through the I Have A Dream Foundation and jobs organisation LA Works, which aims to ensure children have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

The lucky teen recognised her mentors straight away and was thrilled to sit down and chat with them.

"She had this moment of surprise and excitement when she got on the phone with the Duke and Duchess," LA Works executive director Deborah Brutchey told PEOPLE.

"She knew of them, she knew a lot – she had been following Meghan's story quite a bit, so she was very excited that she had the opportunity to speak with them."

The session covered everything from schoolwork to "staying true to your values".

And the girl was reportedly "really moved" by Meghan and Harry's "compassion, humility and wisdom".

Deborah added: "The conversation that they had was really about how do you overcome challenges in your life? And how do you stay true to your values?

"Things that are so relatable to young girls but also so public in what the Duke and Duchess have gone through."

She added: "It was really significant for her because they saw her potential in a few short minutes, which actually really undid some damage that had been previously caused by a former teacher's doubt.

"It was just amazing how they were able to connect and how their compassion, in just a short conversation, really made an impact and is going to forever inspire her."

During the call the royal couple noticed the teen had sunflowers in her room.

They later sent her some along with an encouraging note, it is claimed.

The call came about after Meghan and Harry had encouraged others to "unleash a groundswell of real acts of compassion" for International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

One suggestion on their Archewell Foundation website was to "tutor a teenage girl who is navigating high school on her computer".

Meghan has previously offered a virtual mentoring session to a student through Smart Works.

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